5 important Elements of every Sales Development Process

5 important Elements of every Sales Development Process

5 important Elements of every Sales Development Process

To make sales development processes most effective it is necessary that it should contain several strategic elements, carefully designed to advance prospects through the buying journey. Lets have a look at what your sales development process should have.

  1. A supportive CRM for your workflows

Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms have their ability to support your sales development representatives working methods instead to create additional requirement which does not make good use of time.

By selecting the right CRM and sales software supports your initiatives enabling sales development reps to collect lead information and perform prospecting activities. Sales development is a formalization of how the team approaches their customers with their products or services. It includes the way to reach new prospects that is cost efficient and effective in terms of producing long term customers of right type.

  1. A robust lead qualification system

Sales development needs clear definitions and processes for qualifying leads for maximum efficiency. Sending prospects to sales closers who haven’t been properly educated on the product or service resulting in the loss of otherwise prospects, sending non-qualified leads to sales development wastes valuable time. Marketing, sales development and sales closing teams all need a broad understanding of these concepts. Building specific processes helps on board reps quickly and effectively defines best practices for your team.

  1. A central content management portal

To educate prospects and qualify leads, sales development representatives use a no. of collateral and content assets. Generally these assets exist in silos, encouraging sales reps to waste valuable time searching for the right content assets for various prospects or to educate leads on a specific selling point. As assets are challenging to locate, representatives resort to use less effective materials suits their general needs. While managing a central database including approved sales collateral clearly tagged and classified for various stages along the buyers journey, you are arming your sales development team with the resources impacting buying decision.

  1. Sales analytics

Sales analytics provide data to inform sales development representatives on the most effective sales materials aligned with buyer personas and the various phases in the buying journey in addition with easy contact to content assets to sustenance sales development teams at every phase of the buying journey.

When providing representatives with the right materials for the right prospects at the right time, your lead qualification process is streamlined and your reps can spend more time in best-selling.

  1. Means for collaboration and feedback

Sales development is the connecting link between sales and marketing. Most effective sales development processes contain a built in feedback system. It enables marketing teams to inform sales development representatives related to sales leads enabling sales teams to provide feedback on the readiness of prospects and the ease of converting prospects passed on by your development team.


All organizations utilize sales development processes in anyway. More carefully you make your processes more deeply your marketing and sales teams are trained in each element of the process, the more qualified leads will generate more sales.

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