Artificial Intelligence & Health Care

Artificial Intelligence & Health Care

Artificial intelligence (AI) is inflowing rapidly in healthcare industry by serving major roles, from automating drudgery and daily tasks in medical practice to management of patients and medical resources. Artificial intelligence powered health products are introducing in our lives from virtual doctor apps to wearable sensors and drugstore chatbots. Artificial intelligence (AI) helps in managing and analysing data, making decisions, conduct conversations so it is decided to change clinician’s roles and everyday practices. Therapeutics, adaptability to change in diagnostics and practises of maintaining patient’s safety and privacy will be at priority. The future of AI in healthcare includes tasks ranging from simple to complex-everything from answering the phone to medical record review, therapeutic drug and device design, population health trending and analytics, reading radiology images, making clinical diagnoses and treatment plans and even talking with patients.

From our smartphones to the supply chain, artificial intelligence applications are categorized into three broad groupings

  • patient oriented AI
  • clinician-oriented AI
  • administrative and operational oriented AI

Benefits of AI in healthcare

AI is already increasing convenience and efficiency, reducing costs and errors via computer aided detection (CAD) systems for diagnosis and image data analysis to identify candidate molecules in drug discovery.

AI Improves diagnosis

Misdiagnosis is an understandable problem for doctors. Studies reported that diagnostic errors range from 5 to 20 percent and as much as 97 percent for certain diseases. An AI equipped product loaded with all the relevant data has the potential to sift through disease data, medical records, clinical studies, genetic information and a patient’s health records more quickly and efficiently than a human physician for a more accurate diagnosis.

AI fosters healthcare accessibility

Many applications have been developed for enhancing the collaboration between national and international healthcare organisations for quick assistance to people. AI innovations can create an efficient healthcare environment.

AI enables Automated and Accurate Compliance

AI can be used in hospitals and other healthcare companies for compliance guarantee. Using AI, the compliance operations and laboratories can be enhanced significantly as AI automates the entire process. By employing AI powered tools, hospitals and laboratories provide quality patient care complying with regulatory agencies. By the successful incorporation of AI in the healthcare industry saves both time and costs for healthcare professionals offering accurate results.



AI provides better decision making

This is the most significant benefit AI offering in the healthcare industry. AI can analyse large amounts of big data by making informed decisions within very short period. AI tools accurately diagnose some diseases based on the symptoms of the patient. Through this way, the healthcare professionals can suggest correct treatment with appropriate medicines based on the need of the disease.

AI predicts future diseases

AI algorithms helps in predicting the likelihood of future diseases. AI also predicts risk of developing a certain disease in an individual based on his/her lifestyle before the symptoms of disease start showing. Many software companies are developing AI powered applications for predicting the future health condition of the user.

AI prevents Fraudulent billing

Healthcare frauds are causing distress among companies and patients. AI algorithms are made to find the irregularities in the payment system consistently. AI can also learn about the standard treatment cost of a condition from available records.


The role of AI is increasing significantly in the health care industry in the coming years. AI will help in reducing the mortality rates and increase the average lifespan of humans. Doctors are fearful that they may be replaced by AI in the future and it will be prove fatal if the machines make inaccurate decisions, We believe that AI should not be feared and should be encouraged in the healthcare industry to enable and provide the best care to the patient.

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