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Best lead management software in India 2021: get a free trial

Build optimised marketing strategies with lead marketing system sync, the lead management system uniquely designed to take your lead tracking, distribution and analytics to the next level.

Generate new leads and grow your database

Find how a lead management software works by getting insights and value from every lead with Lead management software sync.

Lead Analytics: Take data from your web campaigns and use optimising tools to make your business grow and earn more valuable.

Lead Distribution: build a more efficient workflow creating custom set configurations to automate your process to turn your leads into customers.

Real time reporting: Accessing clear, concise and robust reports on your leads accessible in order to make more informed decisions.

Predictive modelling: puts data to your marketing of work by using predictive models to show probable outcomes of adjusted strategies for your marketing campaigns.

Get the full picture

  • Lead management software provides access to lead details offer in depth understanding of lead traffic and campaign performance.
  • An optimised ping tree expands earning possibilities finding new destinations for organic decline leads.
  • Automated distribution set with specific criteria, sending leads quickly by saving time and money.
  • Live support around the clock for technical questions and a dedicated customer success representative ready to achieve your goals.

A lead management solution integrates with your Tech Stack

Don’t miss a beat when on boarding with a dedicated team that ensures Lead Management system sync is integrated with all your already used tools.

You will get free integrations with major platforms, guided onboarding and easy integration with your existing tools..

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