5G technology: its pros and cons

As the smartphone are getting advanced, customers have seen multiple generations of data technology emerge in the past few years. Starting with 3g, then progressed to 4g LTE and now...

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IT Solution For Agriculture Sector

Advancement in agriculture sector: Increase farm yields with Techbuddies IT The food system of the future will look different as it does today. The world’s population will exceed 9 billion people...

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Artificial Intelligence & Health Care

Artificial intelligence (AI) is inflowing rapidly in healthcare industry by serving major roles, from automating drudgery and daily tasks in medical practice to management of patients and medical resources. Artificial...

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IOT & Its Impact

Iot and its impact on different industries By connecting devices and sensors to the internet, we are in the age where data analytics, connectivity and automation are creating innovations. We will...

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IT Solution For Sales CRM

Every year companies spend millions of dollars into marketing and lead generation but unfortunately only 80% of leads are converted into sales. Poor lead management is to blame for such...

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Solution For Virtual Reality

Virtual reality in our lives Virtual reality is the use of computer technology for creating simulated environment. Users are immersed and able to interact with 3D worlds by simulating many senses...

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Manufacturing Industry ERP & CRM Solution

Techbuddies it partners to develop additive manufacturing workflow platform Techbuddies it is a custom software development company with an expertise in creating enterprise solutions for manufacturing industry. Techbuddies it develops software...

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IT Solution for Media & Entertainment

Customised Media and Entertainment Software Solutions Engaging User Experiences Fast online media user’s explosion has compelled companies in the media and entertainment industry to consider customizing their existing business models. Techbuddies...

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