Why would I use a CRM tool? 


A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool helps a non-profit organization to improve their customer experience, and better understand their customers. If your organization focuses on protecting the environment, or helping children worldwide, we can build a system that allows you to communicate with your members and donors by providing tools of engagement within the organization’s existing website.




CRM is a platform that allows NGOs to manage and track their donor information, including demographics, movements towards financial goals, and other important data. CRM also provides Ngo with a platform for managing multiple programs at once through its built-in dashboard, making sure every single program has the right amount of attention even if they are running simultaneously.


CRM for NGO is a stakeholder relationship management system for all types and sizes of service and impact-oriented organizations. With our comprehensive CRM tools, you can attract more donors, retain volunteers, engage interns, and reach out to all stakeholders. With our web, desktop, and mobile apps, you can support your mission with a searchable database, keep track of your spending, and increase your visibility across all platforms.


Techbuddies gives you the best CRM tool for your NGO, which helps your organization to stay connected with all the donors and fundraise efficiently.


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