CRM (Customer relationship management)
Customer relationship management is an approach to manage a company's interaction
with current and potential customers. It uses data analysis about customers' history with a company
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Customer Relationship Management:

A CRM – Customer RelationShip Management Solution is a Window for Customers and CRM Plays a Very Vital Roles in Managing, Promoting , Selling Business Services. Business CRM embraces various modules corresponding Leads and Opportunity Management, Effective Allocation on Leads , Quotation Processing and Management , Negotiation Cycle With Customers , Managing Product and Services Catalog, Order Intake /Order Management , Reminders , Appointments Scheduler , Effective Task Management and a very close collobration with teams , Sales Management , Service Management , Incident and Resolution, Cross Selling Products and Very Effective Marketing Campaign Module.Formost and Important Field Sales Tracking via Sales Mobile APP which Keep Track , Manage Beat Plans , Execute Plans , Facilitate Online Mobile Attendance , Keep records of Taks & Updates with Prospect meeting is Integrated with CRM.
At TechBuddies IT we custom develop CRM for : CRM for Manufacturing Industry , CRM for Logistics and Supply Chain Industry , CRM for Healthcare Industry , CRM for E-Commerce Industry , CRM for Retail& Marketing Industry , CRM for Travel Industry , CRM for Automobile Industry , CRM for Education Institute , CRM for IT – ITES Industry ,CRM For CEMENT Manufacturers , CRM for FMCG Industries , CRM and Call Centre Automation for NGO’s and Welfare Agencies, CRM for Textile Industry , CRM for Tourism and Hospitality Industry
At TechBuddies IT We Make Sure Custom CRM Should be Integrated with Various 3rd Party Like Telephone – IVR System to Automate Call Incoming and Outgoing from CRM for Call Centres , Payment Gateway Integration , Emails Integration , SMS Kit Integration , Various Analytics Tools Integration , Scheduler and Appointment Google Integration etcAt Techbuddies IT we understands that Business CRM Should be Integrated with all Modules that is required to Operate the Customers , Sell Services /Product and to Manager Services After Sales. Customized Approach is Used at TechBuddies IT Enables Organization to better manage their operations and utilize data effectively.
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Contact Management

Contact management is an element of CRM that sometimes goes by customer management

This allows users to segment your contacts into groups to organize and better cater to them

Reports and Dashboards.

Once relegated to business intelligence tools, BI, reporting and dashboards have become

some of the top CRM features. Users can view statistics in a highly visual, engaging perspective using customized

Sales Analytics.

On the subject of reporting, sales analytics is one of the most valuable features of a CRM

Users can create better sales campaigns in the future by analyzing the hard data of past campaigns.

CRM Data/File Storage.

In order to maximize the usefulness of data, it must be properly stored. One of CRM’s key

features is a proprietary method of data storage so users can pull up the data in an efficient manner.

Tailored Solution

Custom and Specific Business Process Oriented CRM is been Architect Using the Existing Specific Business Formats. Surpassing the Level of Scalability

Artificial Intelligence For Business Forecasting

Our Custom CRM Drives and Merges Data and Uses Artificial Intelligence .Forecasts shape strategies; thus, it’s crucial organizations get the real picture

Easy Process Flow & Customizable Dashboard

Our Motto is to “ Keep IT Simple” and Says no To Complex Interface. Our Custom Dashboard and Interface Allows Users to Enjoy the CRM and Maximizes the Uses of the Business CRM in Effective manner

The Best Intensive Practice We’re In

Custom solutions that map up with your business process

Powerful ERP
Customized ERP

100% Existing Process Mapping with Customized ERP

Trailored CRM
Trailored CRM

Boost Customer Connectivity With Powerful Interconnected CRM

Mobility Solution
Mobility Solution

Creative Android & i-Phone Development For Various Business Domain

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

The power of AI Leading Business Ahead

Deeply Involved With Customer Needs

We deeply involve with customer needs to deliver the result-oriented web and mobile application development service

  • Unique Dashboard
  • Follow Various Approval Cycles
  • Customized Reports /Data
  • Access to Allocated Modules Only
  • Customer Management (Own)
  • Access Leads and Opportunity
  • Quote Formation
  • Customer Negotiation Cycle
  • Appointment , Scheduler
  • Manage Own Documents
  • Task and Event Management
  • Integrated IVR for Call in & Out
  • Order Intake Management
  • Order Status Management
  • Marketing and Campaign Management
  • Product and Services Accessibility
  • Incident Response Management
  • Win Loss Analysis
  • Mobile app for Field Sales Marketing
  • User Management
  • Groups /Department Management
  • Roles and Permission Management
  • Insight Analytics Reports on CRM and Mobile APP
  • All level Of Master Management
  • Leads and Opportunity Management
  • Allocation Management
  • Customer Management
  • Quotation Controller
  • Order Management
  • Incident and Ticket Escalation Management
  • Review and Manage All Tasks/ Reminders
  • Control Marketing Campaign
  • Manage Product and Services Catalog
  • Manage IVR Recording and Call Reports
  • Track Sales in Field Market via GPS Coordinate



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