Donor Management

Donor Management

Techbuddies IT Donor Management Suite is a tool to support NGO. Designed to make it easy for NGOs to manage the process of collecting donations by streamlining the data entry, communication and donor management functions.


We strive to prioritize your needs. Techbuddies IT is dedicated to meeting the needs of our donors in an efficient, effective and transparent way. We ensure that our services match your requirements and we take ownership for delivering them well.



Donor management is a dynamic e-commerce business process in which NGOs can make their donors feel comfortable and happy by providing them with prompt processing, immediate response, and creative solutions.


Techbuddies IT helps in Maintaining your donors’ relationships with your organization in a simple and easy way. Notify them of updates, news and other relevant information. With our recurring donation feature, donors can automatically endow their status to specific tasks such as a project.


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