ERP Development-Retail Industries

ERP Development-Retail Industries

Seeking for an ERP system for managing your Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (RETAIL) business? Then you are at right place. Techbuddies IT serves all what you need. Techbuddies IT ERP is a multipurpose ERP software designed to understand the complex distribution system of multiple layers of many small retailers between a company and its end customers. An Retail company can attain an ideal product cycle with Techbuddies ERP while producing best quality products in a given time. Techbuddies makes the user to fulfil special requirements of retail and packaged goods business-like manufacturers, traders, distributors, sub distributors, C&F agents considering enterprise automation as an essential feature. Techbuddies IT ERP with its sophisticated design converts your organization from an unorganized data driven, reactive organization to an information driven proactive organization. Techbuddies ERP provides availability of raw materials constantly through various alerts on different devices keeping the staff informed about the depleting essential raw material level and to initiate appropriate action.


How Retail Industries benefiting from cloud-based field sales software?

Enables collaboration on remote teams especially

The first of cloud computing’s many advantages is that this technology remains available 24/7 and a capability of ensuring effortless teamwork even remotely. It brings ability of communication among fellow representatives and back office departments. This not only contribute to faster conversions but also allows sales to base their strategies on data.


Helps Retail Industries forecast market demand

Techbuddies it provides cloud-based field sales solutions helping to predict market demand with solid precision. This foresight is crucial for obtaining and maintaining a competitive edge proved vital important for every Retail industry and niche.


Cloud based software offering robust micro market analysis

To obtain data about micro markets and plan their objectives accordingly, Retail Industries can use cloud-based field sales software. By determining differences in conversions and revenue between different parts of the same market tells you about the most profitable product, the best retailer within the system.

Cloud sales solutions reducing reliance on distributors

Business intelligence allows you to forecast both risks and opportunities with great precision. Retail sales reps can derive sales and push new products to the market.

Cloud computing supports expansion to new markets

Cloud computing can help Retail Industry in expanding new markets. Staying on top of customer behaviour and market demands, they can collect, store and analyse data on the field. This contributes a faster moving sales system pushing faster moving consumer goods. Cloud based systems ensures increment in everyday productivity and long-term efficiency of both sales reps and entire teams.

Apart from these important benefits, Retail can realize the following benefits by integrating ERP software in their business processes.


It eliminates chances of errors caused due to human intervention.

Attain wide organization reports of all business functions.

They can get hawk eye view of their business including all the functions and departments.

Accessed to a unified database of every transaction entered, documented, checked and reported.

Techbuddies IT serves modular designs permits the Retail enterprise in selecting the module they need, mixing and matching the modules from vendors, adding new modules to improve business performance.


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