How can NGO Leverage Donation through Call Center Setup?

How can NGO Leverage Donation through Call Center Setup?

NGO call center: selecting a call center in the cloud

NGO faces many business challenges from fundraising for donations to measuring client success. To help these organizations work smarter when and why it is sensible to set a non-profit call center as well as what it takes to build one. Call centers in NGOs can play a pivotal role for charities, associations, by providing 24/7 access when budgets are limited and every penny counts.

How Techbuddies software benefits non-profitĀ organization

Multi- channel integration

Techbuddies call center software for NGOs streamlines conversations on Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, emails, SMS and callsĀ  enabling in reducing the time that it takes to connect with donors. All the queries and issues get redirected to techbuddies call center software for non-profit organizations.

CRM Connectivity

Nonprofits that use CRMs benefit greatly from cloud phone systems. When your CRM and call center software “talk” to each other, phone reps can use customer and donor history to help with fundraising efforts without having to switch between spreadsheets during calls. The ability to track relationships makes it easier for organizations to identify trends and opportunities.

Empower your staff to be more productive

Techbuddies intelligent automation features save countless hours of you and your team by organizing tickets more efficiently and cutting down on repetitive tasks.

Pay as you go

Techbuddies works as a partner in your development and therefore our plans offer the pay as you go payment model. You pay only what you use to reduce the capital expenses.


A cloud based call center is easy to manage, scale and customize. Adding or removing users is as simple as managing a Netflix subscription.

Less overhead and internal support

Techbuddies cloud phone solutions are manageable to non-technical people. You wonā€™t need to hire or maintain a team of IT wizards to maintain a robust call center in the cloud. Our customer service team will provide direct support to non-profit staff.

What Techbuddies provide in the cloud phone center?

Virtual call center software

Flexible phone software allows your team to work from anywhere thus enabling your organization to track and analyze call activity.

Non-profit fundraising software

A purpose built stage for fundraising from campaign management to donor management.

Customer relationship management (CRM) tool

A cloud based database that keeps important information about main accounts.

Helpdesk software

A in-built web based inbox that stores customer, client and donor interaction history and facilitates centralized, searchable email communication.

Final thoughts

With the Techbuddies cloud based phone system, non-profit organizations can focus fully on their aims. Let technology do the rest.

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