How Custom Built HRIS Can be Success Factor ?

Replacing Traditional Paper Based HR Processes By HRIS Software Solution Is No More A Trend Or A Fashion. It Is Now A Necessity. It Is Virtually Impossible To Manage A Multi-Location Organization Without A Web Based HRIS.Maintaining Employees Records In Manual Files, Which Has Been The Practice Since Ages, Has Three Inherent Problems Viz (I) Difficulty In Updating Information (Ii) Lack Of Easy Access To The Information And (Iii) Inability For The HR Department To Provide Desired Information For Management Decisions. In Addition, Lack Of Transparency Affects Employee Motivation And Increases The ‘We-They Gap’ Between The Employees & The Management.

By Utilizing HRIS Software Many Organizations Have Elevated Their HR Practices To Global Standards.

The Success Of An HRIS Software Depends On How Well It Is Implemented By The Vendor. Experiences Of H R Managers In Implementing Externally Developed Solutions Vary From Being Comfortable To Very Painful. It Is True That An Erroneous Implementation Can Mess Up The HR Department And Bring More Sorrows & Regrets Than A Feeling Of Happiness In The Organization.

The Challenges Of Inducting An HRIS Software Include:


Selecting Right HRIS Vendor: The Selection Of Software Vendor Is The Most Critical Of All The Decisions. A Successful ERP Vendor Is Not Always The Best Provider Of An HR Solution. A Vendor With Experience Of Developing Most Of The Solutions Related To Human Resource, Whether In The Personnel Or Talent Management Domains Or Other Processes Associated With HR, Offers A Better Choice. And If Such A Vendor Has The Strength Of Utilizing Latest Technology & A Vision To Perceive The Future Needs Of HR Fraternity, He May Rate The Highest On The Scale. Mere Branding Of The Products Does Not Necessarily Mean Quality, Though It Does Carry A Higher Price Tag. Moreover, A Vendor Providing Complex Solutions, For Which Special Skills May Be Needed For Initial Data Entry, Maintenance & Creation Of Management Reports, Need Not Be Rated High. If An HRIS Software Can Not Configure The Existing Workflows In An Organization And Wants The User To Adapt To The Vendor HR Processes, It Is Likely To Be Heavy Both On Training Time & Costs And May Also Gather Resistance To Its Usage At The Grass Root Level. A Dedicated And Customer Oriented Vendor Will Move A Mile Extra To Map All Client Processes On His Solution And Indicate Well In Advance The Extent Of Customization Required. He May Even Introduce A Set Of Best Practices Provided By His Solution But Leave Their Adoption To The Client. A Good HRIS Vendor Is Conscious Of The Cost But Always Sells Quality.


Responsibility – There Is A Misconception That Introduction Of HRIS Can Relieve HR Manager Of All Responsibilities. To Large Extent, HRIS Can Free Up HR Manager From Transactional Tasks. However, It Also Brings With It A New Set Of Responsibilities To Ensure That The Software Is Being Used And Implemented Correctly. The Onus Of Co-Operating With The Software Vendor And Ensuring Successful Deployment Lies With The Client HR Manager.


Over Expectations – Due To Overstress On The Benefits Of HRIS Software, Partially By The Media And Partially By The Marketing Departments Of Software Vendors, Organizations Have Developed Larger-Than-Life Expectations From The Software Solutions. When The Solutions Are Unable To Deliver These Over-Expectations, The Clients Tend To Lose Confidence In The Vendors. The Only Way Out Is Either Pre-Sales Discussions Or A Clear Statement Of User Expectations In The Form Of A Request For Proposal (RFP) Document, To Which The Vendor Responds As Per The Strengths Of His Solution, Including The Additional Effort Required For Customization, If The Same Is Technically Feasible.


Resistance To Change – Employees At The Client Location Are Attitudinally Inclined To Use Only The Existing System. They Enjoy The Loopholes In The Processes, Moreso The Inability Of A Manual System To Track Progress. Therefore, They Offer Great Resistance To Change, Especially If The Change Calls For The Acquisition Of New Skills By The Employee. Their Resistance To Change Leads To Lack Of Enthusiasm And Co-Operation In Successfully Implementing Software Systems. The Onus Of Responsibility For Change Management Lies Entirely With The Client, But Some Vendors Do Offer HR Consultancy As A Supplement To Their Solutions.


Training Requirements – HRIS Software May Have A Completely New Interface, Large Number Of Functions And Specially Configured Workflows. It May Demand Users To Exhibit Some Level Of Expertise In Understanding The Technology Solution. When Faced With The New Software, User Experiences Anxiety And May Display Discomfort In Using The System. Such Discomfort Can Result In Remaining Ignorant Of Various Features, Thereby Denying To Yourself The Benefit Of Full Exploitation Of The Software.A Good Software Vendor Can Resolve This Issue By Providing On The System Training To Key Personnel And Prepare Them As Torch Beares. He Would Also Provide Sufficient On-Line Help Features To All The Users.


Configuration And Data Transformation – Configuring Software To An Organization’s Need And Transferring Data From Existing Database To New HRIS Is Another Issue That Needs To Be Handled Carefully. The Existing Data May Be Either On Paper Or Excel Files Or In Some Other Form Of Database. Due To Ignorance By Employees At Client Location, The Data May Not Enter The New System In The Desired Manner, Thus Obstructing The Smooth And Efficient Functioning Of The System, Besides Creating An Inventory Of Bugs. Best Solution To This Malady Is For The Vendor To Obtain Data From The Client As Per A Standard Template, Validate It With A Program And Consider Initial Data Entry As A Service Provided To The Customer.


Software Errors And Bugs – Bugs, Error And Opportunities For Improvement Are Integral Part Of Software. Expecting HR Software To Be Picture-Perfect And Without Any Errors/ Omissions Is Unfair. These Bugs Need Not Scare People Since These Can Be Resolved Through Mutual Co-Operation Between The Vendor And Client. Once Settled, They Do Not Reappear.However, If New Bugs Surface With Higher Levels Of Exploitation Of The Software, These Should Be Taken As Encouraging Signals Both By The Client And The Vendor.


Work Flow Changes – When You Install HRIS Software, You Also Install Some Innovative Globally Accepted HR Practices And Workflows. If You Have These Practices For The First Time, Some Of The Members In Your Organization May Not Feel Comfortable With The Changes, Especially The Change Of Work Flow.


Consult on What Your Organization Require & How You Can Make Big- Big Difference in Optimizing the Human Resource Process in Your Organization .


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