Non-governmental organization

Non-governmental organization

Role of IT  in NGO(Non-governmental organization) Success   

Today is an era of the digital world. When we look around everything is going to be digital. So for an NGO too, it is assumed to have its web presence. But is it actually important for your NGO to have a website or is it worth the investment?


Why is a website important?

Today the internet is becoming the necessity of our life and having a website is like a business card representing your NGO and your work to the outside world. It provides a place to boast your successes and tell the stories of your beneficiaries. A website is the best way to let others know of your work and ask for support.



Reasons for the online presence for your NGO


A website aids present and future donors and partners to confirm the presence of your organization. A website makes your organization more professional when applying for donations, grants, leaders etc. and gives donors and partners a definite place to find more contact details and information about your organization.


Additional communication channels:

A website is an additional communication channel for your organization when your project/program audience can be engaged through the internet and are an audience for your website.


Growth opportunity

 A website is needed, if your NGO(Non-governmental organization) needs to work with outside donors. New donors will always do their due attentiveness and check your website. In the absence of a website, donors or potential partners might raise red flags.


24*7 presence

As the usage of internet is growing, a website works 24*7 without much manual supervision thus maintaining a presence. It not only increases the number of e visitors but also increases the accessibility and approachability for the organization. Donors and volunteers will find you even when you are asleep.


Gone are the days when NGOs operated in a disorderly fashion. NGOs need a strong digital presence nowadays. Working with NGOs is a special experience we have.

At Techbuddies, we ensure a robust responsive website that meets your needs.


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