Real Estate Software

Real Estate Software

Techbuddies IT are serving intuitive, highly interactive and bespoke Real Estate IT solutions and help clients to gain competitive advantages by increasing operational efficiency for generating leads and improve ROI. Techbuddies IT software solutions provide expertise and innovative solutions in Real Estate to enhance buyers and agent’s relationship as well as in the increment of higher productivity and cost savings. Techbuddies IT put forward new technology methods for managing real estate matters. Techbuddies IT assists real estate agents and organizations need to reply to the fluctuating situations and pick new occasions. Our real estate software development services assist agents and property dealers in linking with the potential clients as well as operational lead handling.

Techbuddies serves the customers with the best enterprise software solutions for real estate like real estate websites filled with property details and listing. Techbuddies IT also provides lead management system, dealer login, and the mobile apps with search facility, provide easy access to data like property area details, reports, appointments and several other contributions necessary for capturing and keeping lead status track.

Our best features

Techbuddies it has created high performance gears for the calculation of total price renovations according to certain standards as well as credit calculators.

Techbuddies it permits for teamwork between the real estate agents and the property buyers with many options in order to provide credentials and data security.

Techbuddies IT real estate software easily gather all the data and recommend listing in a specific area nearby. Techbuddies IT makes the location-based gears enables buying and selling with even renting a property in the web based real estate.

Our best services:

Custom real estate software

At Techbuddies IT, we help you to find the hidden income opportunities to showcase your goods and services to link with potential buyers through the custom real estate software. So, go with the Techbuddies IT to experience the best services as a pioneering solution.

Real estate CRM development

Techbuddies IT real estate CRM development or customer relationship management software assists real estate trades in managing the site visits, systematize follow ups, trade properties quicker. This software also gives managing incentive facility of the real estate agents and a real time business view.

Real estate data analytics software

Techbuddies IT real estate data analytics software develops around connectivity, network supervising, safety and virtualization together with disaster revenue.

Real estate software integration

Techbuddies IT improves the regular routine processes of the real estate experts by providing them required latest details. In order to control property-based account transactions like residential, retail, office, manufacturing and even the corporate workplaces, real estate agents require industry specific and targeted software for ERP solutions.

Our premium features :

  • transparency
  • commitment
  • latest technology
  • experts support
  • satisfaction guarantee
  • flexibility
  • lifetime free support

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