Supply Chain and Logistics Software

Supply Chain and Logistics Software

Techbuddies IT provides effective end to end supply chain management and software solutions to the supply chain companies encompassing application development, automation, AI, machine learning, visibility and integration solutions covering consulting, implementation and support to leaders in SCM and logistics business. Techbuddies it helps businesses to manage supply chains, vendor relationships and distribution channels. Techbuddies IT benefits businesses identifying inefficiencies in supply chain and distribution channels, optimising warehouse storage, and automating purchases. To manage supply chain logistics processes our software solutions in this category allow businesses to integrate multiple tools into an existing system.



Techbuddies IT serves popular Supply Chain & Logistics Software Categories:



  • Supply chain suites software
  • To manage the entire supply chain management process, supply chain suites are utilised. Supply chain suites included solutions share a common user interface and exchange data across the application.
  • Demand planning software
  • Demand planning software solutions helps decision makers plan by giving users data for inventory and revenue forecasts.
  • Distribution software
  • Distribution software allows businesses to manage resources and improve efficiency by managing orders, inventory data, supply chain management and customer service.
  • Inventory management software
  • Inventory management software is often used by businesses to manage and track inventory, purchasing, sales and deliveries in order to identify and eliminate inefficiencies in the movement of inventory between locations.


Summarised below are Techbuddies IT consulting offerings helping to facilitate supply chain decision making:

  • Network optimization
  • Techbuddies it builds scenarios and stimulates end to end supply chain network focussed on minimising total landed cost. Techbuddies it will model the supply chain bottom up and optimize for various scenarios outputting the cost impact and redesigned supply chain like Flow optimization, Location optimisation, Inventory optimization.
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Sourcing becomes a dynamic process and strategic sourcing results in substantial cost saving opportunities with vendors and warehouses. As a part of this, Techbuddies IT will optimize end to end supply chain and run simulations to minimise total landed cost. Strategic sourcing covers the following points: sourcing rules, transportation optimization, inventory optimization.
  • Transport optimization
  • Techbuddies IT optimises delivery / fulfilment route plans, distance travelled, low vehicle travel time, high vehicle utilisation and minimised overall logistics cost while respecting constraints. Transport optimisation includes Fleet Mix planning, Zone based clustering, Permanent dispatch plans.
  • Sales transformation
  • Techbuddies IT helps in market differentiation by optimising sales beats, distributors and retail outlets.


Find out how Techbuddies IT can enhance your business

  • CPG & Retail: for automating beat plans, optimize retail fulfilment, reduce logistics cost.
  • 3PL: save man hours, ensure logistics optimization, reduce operating costs.
  • Retail: reduce manual interventions.



Impact on your business:

  • Reduce total landed cost and serving cost.
  • Optimize demand fulfilment across the supply chain network.
  • Service levels increment contributing to revenue increase.
  • 10-25% operational costs saving across different sectors of the businesses.


Why us?

  • Data centric approach with comprehensive industry experience providing innovative and contextual solutions.
  • To provide a competitive edge to our clients by making them market differentiators, Techbuddies IT cultivates transparency culture and excellence.
  • Bottom -top approach to build robust machine learning model which provides statistically most optimized results.
  • Optimizing Inbound & outbound Logistics.
  • Solution implementations.


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