Types of NGO (Non Governmental Organization)

Types of NGO (Non Governmental Organization)

What is An NGO? 

An NGO is defined as an independent charitable association of people acting together on a continuous basis, for some public welfare purpose. NGOs work to advocate political or social change on a wider scale and play a great role in developing society, promoting citizen involvement and improving communities. There is no generally accepted definition of an NGO and the term carries different meanings in different circumstances.


Types of non-governmental organizations


Operational NGOs

The primary purpose of the operational NGOs is to design and implement development related projects. Operational NGOs can be national or international or community based. Operational NGOs have to activate resources in the form of financial donations, materials or volunteer labor, in order to stand their projects and programs.


Advocacy NGOs

To depend on or promote a specific cause is the main aim of advocacy NGOs. Opposite to operational project management, these associations try to raise consciousness, reception and knowledge by promoting press work and activist events.



Other types of NGOs

NGO can also be categorized by orientation and level of cooperation


NGO types by orientation


  1. Charitable orientation

It includes NGOs with activities meeting the necessities of the poor like dispersal of food, clothing, medicine, provision of housing, transport, schools etc. such NGOs may also commence aid activities during a natural or manmade disaster.


  1. Service orientation

It includes NGOs with activities like provision of health, family planning or education services in which the programmed are designed by the NGO and people are expected to participate in its implementation.


  1. Participatory orientation

It is symbolized by self-help projects where local people are involved mainly in implementing project by contributing money, tools, materials, land, labor etc. cooperatives often have a participatory orientation.


  1. Empowering orientation

It can be observed where the aim is to help poor people develop a clearer understanding of the social, political and economic factors affecting their lives.


NGO types by level of operation


  1. Community based organizations

These arise out of people’s own creativities. It can include sports clubs, women’s organizations, and neighborhood organizations, religious or educational organizations. These can cover women’s organizations, sports clubs, educational organizations and neighborhood organizations. Some are devoted to producing awareness among the needy or boosting their understanding regarding basic rights.


  1. Citywide organizations

These become involved in helping the poor as one of many activities. It includes organizations like rotary or lion’s club, ethnic or educational groups, chambers of commerce and industry and associations of community organizations.      


  1. National NGOs

It includes organizations like Red Cross, YMCAs/YWCAs, professional organization’s etc. few of these have state branches and assist local NGOs. 


  1. International NGOs

It includes secular agencies such as Save the children organizations, OXFAM, UNICEF, UNDP, CARE, Ford and Rockefeller foundations to religiously motivated groups.


Basically NGOs prepare people for change. They empower the people to overcome psychological problems and the opposition of oppress. So its role cannot be neglected

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