YES !!! Implementing An APP Can Boost Your -“BUSINESS”​ – Reach , Loyalty , Push Campaigns & Retain Your Business Users .

Revolution of mobile apps has been evolved few years ago. To stay competitive in today’s era mobile app is an unavoidable need. Small business organizations make the extensive use of mobile apps for their marketing purpose & this form of marketing is growing very fast with no signs of degrading.

Currently 77% of the total world populations are working online. Life without mobile is “life without water”. In fact you will notice that nowadays small businesses with whom you are interacting in your day to day life are having their own dedicated mobile app – be it the small food van, coffee shop or a beauty salon.

There is a boom in download of mobile apps from 2009 – 2017. In 2009, worldwide mobile app downloads was approximately 2.52 billion and in 2017 they are expected to reach approx 268.69 billion.


# Increase in Customer Engagement:


No matter whether you are selling food, flowers or spa services, your customers need a way to reach you. Customers are using mobile apps as it allows them to quickly connect to the people and business they are looking for. Businesses are using apps to improve their work flow and to increase the level of accessibility to reach their customers. Valuable tool for modern business is “mobile app” which allows seamlessly connecting and interacting with customers.


# Get Constant Reminders of your business:


People can get constant reminders about their business on their mobile phones rather than switching again and again to the browser screen. From the last couple of decade emails has been the most important communication tool. But majority of people abused it as they are not able to get the desired information in real time.

So that’s the reason behind constant drop in use of emails and increase in the use of mobile apps in which you get notifications instantly and an alternative for effective communication with customers without any delay. This helps build loyalty with customers because business is always in front of them.


# Ability to Work Offline:


Apps require internet connectivity to perform most of the tasks but still they offer to access some of the basic features and functionality. Web browsing requires a user to open the browser, enter URL and then wait for the site to get opened on the other hand it takes only few second to open the app as most of the information is stored on the application itself so that’s the reason it can be used offline.


# Branding and Recognition: 


Mobile app is distinctive from the company’s actual website. Building a mobile app gives your business a new branding experience to your users. A mobile app allows users to make to customize and design the app as per the user’s liking. You can make it stylish, functional or informative, but most important thing that attract your customers are the features provided in the app.

The more often your customers are using the app, more they will be inclined to buy your product and service.


# Stand Out in the Competition:


Dependency on mobile apps in small organization is still rare that’s why by making mobile app you can take a leap ahead of your competitors. Your customers can get all the services, sales or promotions information right at their fingertips. This forward thinking approach increase the sales and business always remain ahead of their competitors.


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