5G technology: its pros and cons

5G technology: its pros and cons

As the smartphone are getting advanced, customers have seen multiple generations of data technology emerge in the past few years. Starting with 3g, then progressed to 4g LTE and now whispering of 5g are starting to hear on the horizon. While it is taking time from becoming the mainstream, it is important for us to know about 5g technology so that one can decide if the features are right for them or not. With this aim in mind, let’s discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of 5g technology when it comes to smartphones and other devices.

Advantages of 5g technology

Increased Bandwidth for all users

Bandwidth is the amount of “space” provided for the people using data to download files, view internet pages and watch videos. Availability of less bandwidth means speed of everyone’s device will be slow. One of the advantages of this fifth generation wireless technology is that there will be more bandwidth on data networks of some companies. In 3g technology people have to wait as the progress bar load their web pages. On 5G, nothing will happen like this. This means that people won’t feel that people won’t feel like they are fighting with other users for data. In overcrowded areas like sports arenas and airports, more bandwidth is available with 5g resulting in making their devices more versatile than ever before.

Faster speed with more bandwidth

People on 3G and 4G networks struggle to download files and even stream video at blistering speeds or watch videos buffer for minutes on end. This will not be a drag with 5G networks. Due to increased bandwidth, people will be able to use more data without crowding out other users. More of the network is dedicated to each individual smart device, they will be able to run faster than ever before.

New technology options operating easily on 5G network

Research and reports on 5G technology suggest that smart devices may be able to operate thousand times faster than on a 4G network. Tasks that could only be performed on a desktop or laptop computer in the past started performing on a smart device, such as email and web browsing. In addition to better quality and considerably faster streaming, 5G promises revolutionary immersive experiences to support technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D.

Connected vehicles

5G means unprecedented speed and connectivity. 5G allows faster than ever communication and data processing between vehicles, networks, infrastructure and even pedestrians. 5g networks will facilitate communication between everything on the road-from lampposts to gas stations-in the interest of safety and traffic management.

According to some reports and estimates “By 2035, 5g will enable $12.3 trillion of global economic output and support 22 million jobs worldwide. A large part of that growth will come from the digitization of transportation, agriculture, manufacturing and other physical industries.”

Shorter delays

There is often a brief lag in time from when data is sent to when its received though it is not always noticeable.5G reduce this so called latency making  possible to watch high speed computer game video with no delays or glitches.

Disadvantages of 5G technology

All the things with brighter side have its dark side too. Same is with 5G technology. Along with many advantages and bright future, 5G have some disadvantages too. Let’s discuss them too.

Battery drain

Phones functional on 5G will experience a huge battery drain. Devices with superior battery technology will be required to run your phone full day operating a 5G connection. Users will also experience that the phones will get hot to touch while running 5G.

Broadcast distance/building diffusion

One major drawback is that these frequency waves can only transfer to a short distance. The millimeter 5G waves will only transfer in the line of sight i.e. a straight line with the ability to see the tower. That means building, trees, walls or other obstacle will block, disturb or grip the high frequency signal. There is a probability that rain may be problematic for 5G networks.

Upload speeds

Users see downloading speed as high as 1.9Gbps with the present technology. Though the present upload speeds seen by real 5G users are not as breaking as the download speeds. Ping speeds experienced by users on 5G phones are now not in the expected low latency of 1 ms or less; the existing definite speeds are seen in the 15 ms range.

Lack of widespread coverage

5G coverage is limited to hardly defined areas in specific cities. If you live or work in defined areas of big cities, you will be most likely be the first to advantage the 5g technology. For those residing in remote areas, it will take some time to reach.

After a wide discussion on advantages and disadvantages of 5G technology, there is a lot of buzz around 5G and it can be easy-going to get puzzled by what info is accurate and what is not. Even we will not correctly know what 5G can do when it is fully implemented, but what we do know is what it’s formed to do.

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