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Advancements in Agriculture sector promotes sustainable agriculture system with less resource used. Health improvement and wellbeing made possible only through technological advancements in food and agriculture. Among technological advancements in agriculture sector mobile technology and sensor integrated farm technology to predict the future crop diseases has impacted the world greatly.


TechbuddiesIT and its mobile app in agriculture field

TechbuddiesIT  mobile applications are designed to help the farmers in many ways like horticulture, crop management and costing information which will surely be highly advantageous for the farmers to know about the best market. With our mobile apps farmers have even started to review the health of the yields during crop cycle. Use of TechbuddiesIT mobile apps has shown useful benefits from better land management to quality yield and also provide suggestions from the experts, answers of the queries of the farmers etc. Our mobile apps also enable farmers to grow better crops, and in turn get better revenues and improve their livelihood.


Modern technology of apps for connecting farmers and whole seller

TechbuddiesIT provides you a digital B2B market solution bringing farmers and whole sellers in a line. TechbuddiesIT does not buy or sell crops and is not a broker. Instead, TechbuddiesIT offers you the ability to market your crop via our platform. Our app/software allows anyone to get listed as sellers e.g. farmers, wholesalers etc. or as buyers. This establishes direct connection facilitating both to get a better deal on farm products. It also provides easy access of information from local to national market. One of the remarkable feature of our app it is available in many languages. It means the person can navigate through the website/app in a language in which they are comfortable in.


Monitoring and control in agriculture by using Techbuddies intelligent sensor techniques

TechbuddiesIT solutions keep pace with unpredictability of present day market forces. Ever-changing demands, rising costs and more complex supply chains

require careful management and closer. TechbuddiesIT solution highlights the new face of farming. Using our technologies, a long range, private mesh network of sensors-farmers can remotely access data to monitor and manage their crops effectively. Our solutions leverage predictive analytics tools to generate actionable insights. We ensure our solutions with market trends as future technologies continue to impact industries.


Let’s introduce with our new sensor technologies’ to ride the digital waves –

  • Predictive analysis- provides crop predictions and actionable sights by leveraging historical and present day data.
  • Remote monitoring- crop data through mobile, web or app based devices anytime, anywhere.
  • Sensor based mapping- to generate diverse data sets, multiple and long range movable network of sensors are provided for effective crop analysis.
  • Turn farm data into real time decision.

Deeply Involved With Business Needs

We deeply involve with business needs to deliver the result-oriented Integrated Enterprise Solution

Menu Management

Readily accessible through smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Log Management

Alert Log and Management (pest infestation, diseases etc.)

Track Management

Incorporates end to end solutions from farm to fork traceability.

Farm Management

Robust, reliable and flexible system for farm management.


Satellite and weather input based advisory.


Traceability and output predictability.


Adherence to compliance and certification.


Geo tagging for accurate predictability

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Your Business is our Business , Your Success is Ours.

We understands that every business is unique, every business requires a special audit. TechBuddies IT Provides human touch to every business. Thats our strenght.

Understanding the Actual Pain

Understanding the Gaps , Pain Areas and the actual IT system that can be perfect fit to business is the core of Techbuddies IT . Custom Development mapping solution with the Organization project is what bring out the best.

Development after Audit Report

TechBuddies IT Perform Audits. Pool of Consultants & Auditors who guides & direct business in right direction. Right Direction is most important as your Time & Money are on Stake. Thats why TechBuddies IT is the Choice of most Trusted Brands.

So Why Wait - How It Works With Us

Call us or Drop us a email with your business pain area , we deploy best consultant from the domain to work with you during initial screening . Our Screening is Based on Target Audience , Competitors & the Process Pain Areas. The amazing part is , you don’t have to pay for screening and Consulting Report – First Project Report is always free .

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